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SWEEDEN MASSAGE( Local or whole body)
Hand massage applied by the massage therapists to the body partially or totally; regulates the blood circulation, reduces the muscle tension, vitalizes the cells. The most important point here is that; the person subject to massage should be provided to feel himself alive and rested. It is a massage technique applied yöfleraj,petrisaj, friction, tapotement and vibration manipulations.

It is an method applied by point pressure weighted to the sole of the feet which regulates the energy flow. The basis of the reflexology massage is the fact that feet are the mirror of the body. Feet represent the human body and all points at the feet correspond a part of the body. It is based on that due to the stimulation of these parts by massage, body reflects against this stimulation in required manner.

ARMOTHERAPHY MASSAGE( Local or whole body)
Although it is the hand massage applied by massage therapists to the body partially or totally, this kind of massage follows the lymph system rather than muscle groups and is applied by the mixture of natural essential oils and intents to purify the body from metabolic wastes. It is a very pleasant type of therapy and made by slow and soft manipulations. After massage body feels relaxed and calm.

It is based on the principle of stimulating the lymph system by utilizing from the heat during the application of heated volcanic basalt stones to muscle groups. The energy of the volcanic lava(basalt) stones give us the feeling of being integrated with the nature. Therefore, at the end of the therapy, person gains physical, emotional and mental relaxation and calmness; reaches its own nature by feeling purified from the head to feet.

It is a type of massage with Japan origin and towards problem. While making pressure on certain points of the body with finger and various parts, the motion is shifted on skin and under skin tissue. The person subject to massage is dressed up and lies on a hard bed (futon bed) and motions are relatively hard. The force of the pressure should be informed to the therapist and therapist should be directed by the one being massaged accordingly.

It is an active massage application based on the principle of straining and stretching the body. No essential oil or base oil is applied during the massage and service is performed on a hard futon bed. The one who is having the massage service should change his position frequently according to the guidance of the therapist, some motions in the session can be hard but after the session excellent results shall be reached.

SPORT MASSAGE(local or whole body)
It is the sessions where pressured techniques are applied regionally by the massage therapists. It provides relaxation on muscles. In this massage rhythm of the manipulation is low but the intensity of the motions is very hard. It is very effective in terms of throwing toxins away from the body and it is most suitable type of massage who likes hard way of massaging.

Ayurveda massage takes the body spirit and mind as a whole. In the application of this massage; life energy required for the body is provided so that the body could repair itself whereas the mind could be calm and peaceful.

Are you loosing your sleep? Is your nervous system at the edge of breakdown? Our suggestion to you is avurveda’s shrodhara massage.

Can’t your body breath due to the tension of the life? Our suggestion to you is abhyanga which pampers your body and makes it to breath.

It is a total body massage performed by two persons and four hands. It is indispensable for the ones who want to enjoy ayurveda and spoil himself. It intents to regulate your body’s energy system. It loads to energy to the body, rests the spirit, support the internal balance, strengthens the body immune system.

It makes you to regain your body, mind and mental integrity by the combination of Abhyanga and Shirodhara. It makes your spirit relax and vitalized. Open your all energy channels and contributes you to regain your joy of living. 

This therapy which rests spirit and body equally is applied with hot aromatic oils and long time relaxing massage and mild mobilization techniques. 

It is a massage technique applied synchronously by two experts. It is especially effective on lymph and circulation system and it relaxes the spirit and body and sends a relieving impact into the body. 

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