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It is a life philosophy of which the Indian origin history extends to 5000 years ago. It is a way of the realization of the individual in terms of its purpose of existence. It is the only alternative medicine which intends to establish the balance of body, spirit and mind for a person, where its word meaning is “life science”. Ayurveda is a door opening towards happiness and piece. It is the waking up mode of your body, spirit and mind from the winter sleep.
It is an ideal way of regeneration.

We invite you to a journey to your inner world. We wish to share your happiness while you passing through the ways, throwing out accumulated toxins from your body and feeling as you were born again.

Ayurveda massage takes the body spirit and mind as a whole. In the application of this massage; life energy required for the body is provided so that the body could repair itself whereas the mind could be calm and peaceful.
All the negative energy accumulated in the body is cleaned and tension over the muscles is made decreased. Body gets stronger and photo-aging and wrinkles stops.

Besides, ayurveda massage balances our body’s Vatha-Kapha-Pitta Dorsha ( body types).

Ayurveda effects body’s lymph circulation system through specific massage oils and relaxes the muscles. It opens the articulations, speeds up the blood circulation, strengthens energy flow. It helps the toxins to be thrown out from the body.

According to Ayurveda philosophy massage has two important roles for a healthy body.

1-    Feeding of cells and tissues
2-    Purification of mind and body

SHIRODHARA: Are you loosing your sleep? Is your nervous system at the edge of breakdown? Can’t you say stop to your thoughts any more? Are you continuously suffering from head ache? Our suggestion to you is ayurveda’s shirodhara massage 50 min.

ABHYANGA: In case your body can not breath due to the stress of life, our suggestion to you is Abhyanga..

Word meaning of Abhyanga is self massaging. The purpose of this massage is; to make the former situation of body-spirit- mind integrity regained again. This traditional massage is the fact that ; energy channels in the organism shall be rebalanced by reactivation. It invites us to our journey through our inner world. It helps us to regain our joy of life.

SHIROABHYANGA: Dou you want to go away and get rid off work stress and body tiredness? We invite you to ayurveda’s shiroahyanga. It makes you to regain your body, mind and mental integrity by the combination of Abhyanga and Shirodhara. It makes your spirit relax and vitalized. Open your all energy channels and contributes you to regain your joy of living.80 min.

SYNCHORENOUS ABHYANGA: It is a total body massage performed by two persons and four hands. It is indispensable for the ones who want to enjoy ayurveda and spoil himself. It intents to regulate your body’s energy system. It loads to energy to the body, rests the spirit, support the internal balance, strengthens the body immune system. 60 min.

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