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Body programs are divided into categories. There are 6 special Body Programs. COMPLETE BODY BIOSTIMULATION PROGRAMS HAVE BEEN ARRANGED FOR 30 MINUTES.

Programs have been identified according to gender. Therefore programs for men and women contain different signal frequency and stimulation parameters.
What do you say to try immediate centimeter loosing program and get slim by 2.5 cm at a night especially for parties and special days.

Derma Life Spa Jet
It is based on the principle that; after the guest will be placed into the capsule shaped equipment having his head out, the body will be purified from toxins and will have a rest utilizing heat, vapor, afussion and vibration. It contains 11 programs. Ten of the programs are the equipment’s own programming such as cellulite, aquatic and pain whereas the eleventh one is able to be arranged according to the guest’s choice.

Bath Theraphy 
It is an automatic water massage bath which intents to create a relaxing and calming effect as well as regulating the blood circulation, where 34 – 38 degree heated water is sprayed beginning from the soles of the feet up to the shoulders. Addition of micronized moss or sea salt into your bath provides the purification of toxins out of the body and refreshment of cells. Different products and private oils should be also added for the stress- relieving and resting applications.

Moss Wrapping( Dry Flutation)
It provides the purification of toxins out of the body by wrapping the body partially or completely with moss and keeping it for a while, it refreshes the organism and softens the articulations with its pain reliever effect.

Alpha Relaxation Bed: 
It is a sound and light therapy. A type of therapy while the guest is resting his spirit accompanied by a relax music privately prepared for himself, he can also feel the vibrations of the music and heat of the light in his body.

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